The Breakfast Club cast Reunited after 30 years!

The Breakfast Club Reunited After 30 Years

By Darby Lee Dominique


Well, I certainly have spent most of my adult life watching these juvenile delinquents grow up. It seems like I have been personally involved with the lives and loves of the Brat pack and yet of course I am just a fan of their work, which started with this one movie.

When this movie was release most 20 something or younger had spent time in some detention room with students that under normal circumstance you would never spend time with. Without anything better to do you eventually would talk and share things with these people. This could never happen with teenagers today because of technology, the students would just spend time on their phones. I believe some of the human condition may eventually be lost due to lack of personal face-to-face interaction.

I have a ton of memories from my high school days and I always relieve them when I watch The Breakfast Club. In the movie of my life I always prefer to experience things on more than one level whenever possible, The Breakfast Club is one of those multi-experiencers. Kudos go out to the ladies as well they look really great for their ages, the guys too, but men always age better.

Hope I am around for the next big reunion.

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