I want to tell you a story. First of a little girl, then a teenage girl, later a grown woman with a family of her own, during all this time she was an avid and voracious reader, voracious because she consumed books rather than just read them. During most of this time, of course, she was leading a regular life while having characters run through her mind leading entire lives all within the confines of a world that she had yet to establish.

The woman knew that just as any good fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain, her world needed a beginning, an ending, and an all-encompassing arc for the storyline with a good villain who may or may not have redeeming qualities. The story also needs a good hero who may or may not have some villainous qualities.

During the story, there must be a world that initially stems from a good idea, which the woman never really had until one day with a tiny piece of information the entire realm jumped into her head. This is the beginning of that story.

The beginning of the story is just that the beginning. The woman was reading a little Norse mythology about the creation of the world by Odin and his brothers. And while we all know Odin’s story what happened to the brothers? There’s very little about them and granted it is mythology, but from there the woman’s imagination took off.

Excerpt from the yet unpublished Viking Brethren

By Darby-Lee Dominique



Even in high summer, the Danube River was a haunting place, Ve, brother to Odin and Ville, looked out over the river from the top of the outcrop. As he stared through the fog and low-level mist, he wondered how he would ever survive to see an end to it all. As he looked at the Temple, which followed the concepts from the Parthenon on the Acropolis, it was to all intense and purposes a Hall of Fame to the people of Midgard, a Hall in honor of the people’s bravest warriors, where they will have found their last resting place.
Ve had been inside and could not believe the atrocity his brother had committed. Half of the Temple was a tribute to fallen Warriors while the other half was a tribute to his brother’s lust for power. Only those who knew his brother’ proclivities either as a victim, a member of his brother’s inner circle which traveled throughout time with him or someone battling against him would be able to recognize it. Just as he had done with the original Acropolis, the whole building was a testament to his brother’s hypocrisy. The beginning of this long and laborious journey they had been on, where it all began in the Halls Of Valhalla.
Valhalla where their brother Odin first found Vili with his wife. Since they were twins, Ve and Vili throughout their childhood had always changed their eye color back and forth confusing people over which twin was which. Ve’s belief in Odin has shattered that day long ago, to his horror Odin was unable to tell the difference regardless of their eyes and banished him as well as Vili.
This betrayal was at the heart of Ve’s sense of self; he expected his brother Odin to know the difference the fact that he did not, Ve would never be able to forget, forgive possible under the right circumstances, but never Fucking forget.
However, to support justice for the situation, no one could have known or even suspected the depth that Villi would twist his gifts, thereby forcing Ve’s hand, even were the banishment not to exist Ve would be obliged to stay on Midgard. Using his gift to keep a balance, such that this realms descendants could continue to live. However, it was all too much he was getting tired. How could he be expected to do this forever against his brother? Even though another form of a Brotherhood/Brethren existed now, that Ve would sacrifice his life for, he still felt very much alone.
As he turned around the fates (Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld) were there, no one messed with them, for if they made a proclamation, then everything was sealed whether you wanted it or not.
“We have felt your despair,” Skuld said.
“We have talked, searching through our many options, we have found how we can save this world and another,” she whispered. Ve could barely hear them, and yet he felt the words throughout his entire being.
“Ve if you lose hope we don’t just lose this world but another as well,” Verdandi said in a high-pitched sing-song voice, beautiful if you didn’t feel it slicing straight to your soul.
“We see her coming. We know you think your mate has been born and lost; you would be wrong.” Urd shouted in a loud booming voice.
“You must hold on for with you; all others come as well, the cycle will start for the balance of power, for Midgard and the other realms.” They all said together making it a proclamation.
“You will all travel alone until your one is here then your fate is sealed. The Prophecy of Odin will withstand,” they all sang. “You will have 25 cycles of Midgard to pass till a new world shows itself arriving with the sparkling of stars,” they started chanting in a language nobody had ever been able to understand while holding hands. A glowing round sphere rose up; Ve followed it with his eyes as he felt something pull loose from inside his soul, following the sphere when he brought his eyes back down the Fates were gone.
Ve, felt some of the despair leave him as if it had traveled from his body with the rising of the sphere; he felt lighter, able to carry on, or as the Fates had decreed able to wait. Whatever else they said or did, whatever the hell they were chanting, they had at least given him this.
The Fates song was not quite as poetic as Odin’s banishment’s curse. However, Ve guessed all things considered it would still get the job done, Ve wondered how long he would have to wait for this mate, what the rest of their Prophecy meant. The fates were always vague with their shit you never figured it out till after the fact. What the fuck, he felt better, that’s all he cared about for now.

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