by Darby Lee Dominique

I am not old enough to have experienced this little piece of nostalgia during its hay day in the 1950’s but I did eat there a lot  during my youth. I of course refer to Merles Drive-in  where you could get the best fries and a lot of them as well. I used to order some fries and a strawberry shake. The shakes were made with real strawberries and vanilla ice-cream in one of those steal cups when they poured your shake into a glass they left the steal cup with the rest in it to finish off. It was the best, lots of salt and ketchup on the fries and strawberry shake it was nirvana. Merles has been gone for a number of years now, in case you don,t know it was located in Visalia Calif. I passed through a number of years back and noticed it was no longer there but I will always have fond memories.

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