Black Hole Discovered

by Darby Lee Dominique

Black Hole Discovered

Wow in our own galaxy, it is like the beginning of a science fiction novel, or star trek episode. Every thing that I have watched and considered to be true through out my life has always included science and space in one fashion or another. I watch things with the concepts that even fictional stories hold elements of truth. Take for instance relating to this “Event Horizon”  and a recent movie “Interstellar” both having a black hole as a featured player where time moves differently as the gravitational pull gets stronger the closer you are to the black hole. Which of course lets us as a human race play with the forth dimension “Time” at least in the movies?

What I find fascinating is that in the video they allude to light traveling and a time difference as a journey back to the beginning of the universe, we of course have nothing that could survive the crushing gravity of a black hole. We then are left with only a dream of some distant future where we could send a probe instead we remotely probe it by take pictures from  a distance with high powered telescopes, but the possibilities of it certainly strikes my imagination.


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