Vegas Captive: First Month Sales

I have been astonished at the reception my story is receiving, the joy at watching my characters come to life and explore the world is limitless. Currently I am working on the next installment, it will be finished hopefully in the next 30 days.

My understanding all the media and publishing world is still in its newborn stage. It was a little over whelming combined with my real life and job while still finding the time to edit and write, so it took a backseat, hopefully in the future I can keep up.

Looking at my first sales report I felt the need from days of long ago to frame my first dollar, however time has marched on and my first dollar is in the digital world. It is not as impressive as a dollar or a first check. The sales report is in Excel and lacks something to hang on a wall. Maybe a Scrape Booker could do something to pretty it up, only I am not one of those. I will think of something to make it a worthwhile Mile Stone for my wall. Till then I will try to keep you updated in a timely manner. Please feel free to check out my book.

Vegas Captive: Piper Captured by the Billionaire