Vegas Captive by Darby Lee Dominique

I am so excited my first erotic romance is ready to pre-order and someone already ordered one.


Vin Alaric isn’t just a very successful billionaire with an over developed dominate side. He is more. Descendent of the original Norse creators, he has existed within his own domain for a very long time and that is how he likes it. When a betrayal ends with him married to his mate, who does not have the common curtsy to stick around, he learns the true definition of frustration. How she was able to hide from him for 3 years is still a mystery, now however she has stepped back into his world, he will have her and with her some answers. She will not get away again, or out of bed, if he has anything to say about it, and of course he does.

Well, this is a monumental day I have finished the first part of my serial novel and will be ready to publish ahead of schedule. After further reviews just to make sure I have caught all the typo’s, then I will upload and push the metaphorical red button.

Scheduled release May 1st