Grammy-Tony Bennet/Lady Gaga

Grammys – Awesome Win

By Darby Lee Dominique

I must admit that I love to see this type of performance, a distinguished gentleman who happens to be able to sing, with a sexy, vampy, burlesque queen with a set of pipes. I have always loved Tony, I only wish some of the brat pack were still around to do some of these types of performances as well.

I included a video that also has Lady Gaga in a stunning Red dress, and I must say I am not normally a Lady Gaga Fashion lover, but for this album and all the performances with Bennet she has had exquisite taste. Back in the day when I could I would have loved to wear some of those outfits.




by Darby Lee Dominique

I am not old enough to have experienced this little piece of nostalgia during its hay day in the 1950’s but I did eat there a lot  during my youth. I of course refer to Merles Drive-in  where you could get the best fries and a lot of them as well. I used to order some fries and a strawberry shake. The shakes were made with real strawberries and vanilla ice-cream in one of those steal cups when they poured your shake into a glass they left the steal cup with the rest in it to finish off. It was the best, lots of salt and ketchup on the fries and strawberry shake it was nirvana. Merles has been gone for a number of years now, in case you don,t know it was located in Visalia Calif. I passed through a number of years back and noticed it was no longer there but I will always have fond memories.

Joke- A little Bit of Some-thin Some-thin

Q: What do you call a computer floating in the ocean?

A: A Dell Rolling in the Deep.

Q: What do you call a three-footed aardvark?

A: a yardvark!

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Comic-Made Me Laugh

I want you to know I have made no resolutions other than to make this blog for the year.

The thing is I don’t know what I am doing but some of you are paying attention. Now the question is with power does great responsibility  come, oh wait wrong comic, is the pen mightier than the sword, and does it count if I don’t really use a pen. Never mind Just enjoy the comic strip.


Favorite Comics:

This is one of my favorite comic strips I wanted to share as well as let you know I have linked him from my site. He gives his permission so long as he gets credit for his work. I am in no way taking credit just sharing my love of humor, sarcasm, math, and any thing that can combine them. So enjoy!

P-Values XKCD