Digital Native-Not

Considering the age for a digital native to enter this world was long after I did, I certainly have a understanding of how things work, with that said I have reviewed an older post that still holds true. Considering I took my site down and restarted so I thought I would repost it just for a slight chuckle.

This was a few weeks ago, when frustration was high.

I have been trying to become a digital native in my quest for a digital foot print in what will be a future run by nano bots. My conclusion is that I may be going native but it has more to do with hairy legs from lack of sleep, I believe my outside has had more of a makeover than my inside from previously stated lack of sleep and pure frustration.I think my face is going to be permanently scared into a perplexed expression.

Wonders of Life

I was waiting for inspiration to restart my blog, when suddenly I was struck with life. Sometimes in this world we spend a considerable amount of time discussing or complaining about what is wrong or needs to be fixed. I have at times fallen susceptible to just such a case, of the glass is half empty syndrome,  today I was reminded to look around at the good things in life.

I decided to remind myself of the wonderful things in my life, so I looked around in my own house to start with at my beautiful healthy family. I realize that we may not have reached some goal set by ourselves or someone else but that we are all healthy, happy, self sufficient  and still on a journey towards the next stage of life, depending on which member you are talking about from child toward retirement.

Then I decided to look at the world and I know we have a lot of things that need fixing or repair but lets look at some of the wonders in this big beautiful world that we have. We can start at the epic level with the 7 Natural  Wonders where one can only marvel at natures ability to produce something that is for example, the northern lights, a scientific wonder and a beautiful experience to behold. The largest waterfall in the world Victoria Falls which is 1 mile wide and 360 feet tall will make any one feel small. The Seven Natural Wonders 

When considering the wonder of the world we of course went for the epic but some of the wonders are very small, such as the hourglass tree frog, native to parts of Central and South America, is just under 1.5 inches when full grown. This species is one of many itty-bitty frogs, the smallest of which is just one-third of an inch long. (PHOTOGRAPH BY JOEL SARTORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) Some of these little wonders you have to see to appreciate so I have hunted up some of the picture of things I remember have made me just shake my head and just be inspire red and awed with our world, another tiny animal I remember was discovered in 2012, the Brookesia Micro Chameleon is among the smallest reptiles in the world. Here a juvenile perches on the head of a matchstick; adults grow to just over one inch.(PHOTOGRAPH BY JOERN KÖHLER, CORBIS)